Creating digital content that adds value to your business.

Creating digital content that adds value to your business.

Digital Marketing - a world of opportunities

You know the internet offers so many opportunities to promote your business. Developing a digital marketing strategy is on your to-do list, but where to start? You're a busy person with a business or organisation to run. The online world is constantly changing. How do you keep up? What do you need for your website be successful? Which social media platform is right for your organisation? So many choices. If only it was easier...

We hear you! Digital Voice offers a full-featured service. We'll take care of your digital content and all that important technical stuff so you don't have to.

At Digital Voice we don't just build websites, we help you shape your story. We'll work to understand your business. Then we can craft a message that connects with people and encourages them to take action. To buy your product. To join your cause. To donate money. If you run a small business or Fair Trade organisation, we're a good fit for you. 

We all have a story to tell. Sometimes the hard part is knowing how to tell it. We'll help you find your voice on the web. Your Digital Voice.

Our Services

A website is so much more than the technology it is built on. Your visitors are inspired by the words you use, the images you choose and the way you present them. That's what starts your conversation with them. At the end of the day, you want them to take action, to reach out and engage with you.

Digital Voice offers a range of services to help you connect with your customers and supporters.

Why should you trust us?

Website build for Creative Handicrafts
A remarkable experience. John had the knowledge and skill necessary to propose stuff that could benefit the organization. Digital Voice is a blend of knowledge on fair trade, development work and computer/web development skills.
I have worked with a couple of web developers in India and I always ended up frustrated with the content, the timeline, and the amount of work that they made me do. I felt like I paid them for the work I did. The experience with John was totally different.  He understood what was needed and did stuff far beyond our expectations.  The new website is very dynamic. We now get an average of 5 enquiries a week and many downloads of our catalogs.
Digital Voice also maintains the website. Again a revolution … handing it over to them has changed my life for the positive immensely…  Definitely worth the money!

Johny Joseph

Director @ Creative Handicrafts

Mike Sinclair - Backyard Projects
Website build for Backyard Projects
My old website was outdated and to be honest, a bit embarrassing. I needed an update that would help potential customers understand what Backyard Projects offers and make it easy to contact me.
Digital Voice really made the process easy. John took the time to understand my business and translated that into an online showcase I can be proud of. I love the testimonial videos he produced. I now have a much better online presence with a Facebook page and Instagram account too!
It's been a really positive experience and I receive more enquiries than I did before.

Mike Sinclair

Owner at Backyard Projects

Cherry Sripan testimonial- WFTO Asia

Website optimization for WFTO Asia

The website looks really great, a HUGE improvement in loading time. We are happy with all the improvements that were made.  Thank you so much for your special attention to details!

Website page load times:
Before optimisation: 9 secs/page         After: 2 secs/page

Cherry Sripan

Communications Manager, WFTO Asia

Retno Hapsari - XSProject

Website build for XSProject

I was not happy with my organisation's website. It was out of date and had many problems I could not solve. Digital Voice changed our organisation's website completely, from nothing into something that we can be proud of. 

It is simple and clean, the story and message are complete and it is easy for people to connect with us through the website. I now receive contacts and inquiries from people - I never had this interaction before the new website was launched. 

Digital Voice has helped me above and beyond my expectations in the process of building my website and is still helping me now. I have found John to be patient, reliable, and willing to help solve problems in a timely manner.

Retno Hapsari

Manager at XSProject

Chirag Jain - Freeset

Website maintenance for Freeset

We had a great website built by an outside developer, but the day after handover we had no one who really knew how to use it! Signing up a maintenance program proved a no-brainer when we realized how mission critical our website is and how expensive it would be to do it ourselves.

John thinks proactively about issues we didn't know to think about and solves them for a very fair price.

Chirag Jain

CEO at Freeset Bags & Apparel

Free website checkup

Already have a website? Do you know how well it's performing? Is it outdated and in need of some work? Is it mobile friendly?
Technology changes. If you don't keep up, you get left behind. Out-of-date sites become vulnerable to security issues. Old technology means your site won't display properly for many users too. You might be losing half your visitors if people can't easily view your website on a mobile phone!

Our offer

A free website checkup to help you understand the state of your existing site. We'll highlight the trouble spots and suggest a course of action. Make sure you're getting the best results out of your website.

5 things you need for a successful website

1. It must work on mobile phones

More than half of all website visits are now on mobile phones. Next year, it will be even more. If your site isn't mobile friendly you are missing out. You're probably reading this on a mobile phone now!

Half of internet users are on mobile devices

2. It must load quickly

People are impatient, internet connections are unreliable and there are lots of things to see on the internet! If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load people quickly lose interest and move on.Your site should load fast!

3. It must be focused

Know what you are selling. Know who you are selling it to. People need to quickly understand what you offer and how they can connect with you. Ask yourself these two questions:

What do I want a visitor to get out of visiting my website? 

What action do I want the visitor to take?

 4. It's not about you!

People want to know how you can help them, so focus on meeting their needs. If you are a business, that means focusing on how your product will make customers' lives better. Make it easy to understand the value of the products or services you offer. If you are an NGO it will be helping people feel good about the different ways their contribution can make a difference.

5. You need a digital marketing plan

People need to be able to find you! You can have the best website in the world, but if no-one knows it exists, it remains unseen and wasted. You need a plan to get it out into the world. Telling all your friends is a good starting point, but you need more than that...


Social media services


This is where you leverage the power of social media to get the word out. Use the email lists you've been building. Find people who will blog about what you are doing and share a link to your website.

You don't have to be on your own


Our aim is to keep things simple for you.

  • To give you personalised service

  • To help you focus your messaging

  • To deal with the techy stuff so you don't have to

  • To create digital content that delivers value

So why not connect with us today? We'd love to work with you and your organisation to maximise the opportunities offered by digital marketing and the internet.

Let’s talk about your next project.

We'd love to help you find your digital voice!


We'd love to hear from you!

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